MTB Enduro Shuttle Week

We ride mainly on flow single Trails. Every Trail has its own specific challenge such as: steep descents, steps, rock gardens, drops, small kickers, bends all on a soft forest floor.

An effective shuttle service ensures many rides per day. Trails are located near the location of your accommodation. Most of your rides will be in the area of your accommodation.

1. We offer

7 nights
6 half boards
German speaking guide
Shuttle Service with a capacity of five riders available for every day of your stay

2.Target group

Enduro riders who like to ride downhill rather than uphill and accumulate maxim distant travelled.
Enduro rides who appreciate Forests trails and mountain country.
Trail category S1/S2

3. Bikes

Trail bikes with 130mm to 150mm
Enduro bikes with 160mm
Bikes can be hired


Bike Shuttle – Full Day

Bike Shuttle-Full Day, on exciting day spent in Kupres under guidance of a local guide.

Kupres MTB Trails is your prime choice for a enjoyable and thrilling mtb experience in Kupres.

Full Day: 4-6 ascends per day

  • min. of 2 riders
  • start 09:00 to 17:00
  • choice of 10 all mountain/enduro trails
  • 2 shuttles, 6 places, offroad 4×4

*with packed lunches or lunches can be purchased in local shops.

Please bring

Your own bicycle
Appropriate clothing with protection gear including full face helmet
Tool kit and spare parts

*all of the above is available with us either rent or purchase.

Want to visit Kupres and enjoy our tours feel free to contact us.


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